“Provide support to underprivileged section of the society specially extreme poor/ homeless and orphan children through quality education ,nourishment & shelter to make them resources for the nation.” with this noble mission, Bidyanondo Foundation starts its journey in 2013 with the leadership of Mr. Kishor Kumar Das, a former Peru-based corporate professional and social activist. It’s a voluntary welfare organization mainly operated by students.

Bidyanondo Foundation currently has eight branches nationwide with hundreds of volunteers, two orphanages in Ramu & Rajbari with 135 orphan children, one Old Age Home, One full Primary School on it’s own land with 250 students, Two libraries with thousands of books open for all. (Ref:

Bidyanondo Foundation has made its mark by initiating  “এক টাকার আহার” ( One Taka Meal Program ) with a view to ensuring food security to the Underprivileged portion of the society . No other NGOs has taken such foot-step before.

In Bangladesh, Poverty rate is 21.8% where the extreme poverty rate is 11.3% (ref: Bangladesh Economic Review 2019). Although poverty rate is decreasing, inequality remains. Bangladesh scores around 0.48 in Gini Co-efficient Index in 2016 (economic measure of equality) Click for reference. Deep inside, this score is portraying  a picture  of the struggling life of  grass-root people of the society.

For grass-root people, Happiness is “No Hunger” and “No Hunger” is the 2nd Goal of SDG.  Bidyanondo is spreading happiness and helping the country to achieve this goal.

Notably, Bidyanondo comes forward to halt the COVID-19  when the virus just emerged to spread in Bangladesh. It started to spray disinfectant in some slums in Dhaka and on the public transport in many cities of the country . It is providing foods to vulnerable people at the time of nationwide lock-down. It’s also working to enhance awareness among the mass people by distributing Face Masks & Hand Sanitizers.

Image: A volunteer of Bidyanondo Foundation is spraying disinfectant on a train in Dhaka
Volunteers spraying disinfectant in a Mosque (27 March) Source: Bidyanondo Facebook Page

Many people are donating money to contribute to the  ongoing irreplaceable humanitarian services Bidyanondo providing.

You can also donate some money  Click Here… 

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