The soundless attack of the COVID-19 has been shattering the whole world since last couple of months. It has depicted how the world is indifferent to face any possible pandemic. The buzz in the area of politics, economics, social, culture, and environment stopped suddenly. Trembling talks among the powerful and superpower countries just shut off.

Manufacturing, production, transportation, and communication in the whole world are in a standing position. Majority of the countries are passing severe health emergencies and undergoing lockdown for a long time. The number of affected people is increasing so fast and the death rate is also increasing. The world’s superpowers are facing absolute failure to control the spread and fatality of the coronavirus. It is true that situation in many European countries is utterly miserable.

Economic and Military superpower USA is facing a tragic devastation. Donald Trump’s government is in trouble to face the COVID-19. The highest numbers of Covid-19 cases are being detected in the USA and millions of people has already lost their job in USA. Statistics shows that the USA will face a huge economic recession. Despite this, Trump did not stop his imaginary madly speech and threatening other countries without any absolute reason.

On the other hand, China, the second superpower in the world has faced COVID-19 successfully and its country’s economy is running well while other developed countries, especially the USA and European countries are on the edge of destruction. COVID-19 has created a new opportunity for China to become stronger than ever.

Since 1949, the Communist Government has been implementing its every visionary policy very strictly for the development of the country. At the same time, it has developed a strong patriotism among the Chinese people. Support of the citizen and consistent commitment of the government has made China great in many aspects. The capacity of the state in case of facing pandemic shows that the next stage of globalization will be more China centric rather than the USA. In the crisis moment of the world, China is providing different medical equipment, consulting as well as giving experts to face the COVID-19 to other countries. The world will witness the rise of China in the arena of political economy.

Besides, it seems that many Americans have lost their faith in globalization largely. To the people of America, the appeal of the free trade agreement is now terminated to a large extent because of the huge influence of global forces. On the other hand, the government, as well as the people of China, did not forget the tragic humiliation in all aspects from 1842 to 1949 for more than a hundred years. Due to this reason, they do not lose faith in globalization. China has developed faster by using the concept of globalization. Globalization has opened a new opportunity to make a deal and run businesses with all other countries of the world. China becomes the largest supplier of the world in many contexts. The rise of China in world economy is a great leap forward for the nation itself.

The borderless market of Globalization has made it easier for China to control the world market by providing comparatively cheap product. This creates a dependency on other countries for a long time. At the same time, China is dominating the world market by supplying food products and gained a very strong hegemony because of its strong principle. Now, along with the supremacy of food, they are developing the technology-based product super-fast. The prices of tech products are much cheaper than those of the USA and for this, the USA might lose its market share from Covid-19 shock.

Here, the question of cultural case arises that the Chinese people are not culturally diversified. However, this is not true because, over time, the Chinese have adopted with world-diversified culture and in the next phase of superpower, they will manage the cultural diversity very smartly. The USA can also lose its military superpower because after the corona pandemic, it has to spend huge finance for next couple of years in the health and other sector and as a result, the military sector might get less priority after the Corona pandemic. In this case, China might invest, more in the military in the interim period of the USA bounce back from the huge multidimensional loss. In the mid of 2018, the world witnessed a trade war between China and America where America was in a favorable position. But then the President of China changes his tune in a speech and uttered some emotional words, which helps china to gain through the political economy; even nowadays China is spreading the emotional word in case of supplying different emergency medical equipment in many countries. This will help to shine up the increasing influence over other countries and will lead to the rise of China.

Besides, after the Corona pandemic, the Americans might follow the principle to maintain their supremacy in the world and they might not follow the humble policy with other countries. If the USA does follow a humble strategy in case of interacting with other countries, it would be tough for it to bounce back from the tremendous loss of its countries people for a long time.  Then, world supremacy might shift towards China from the USA. It’s more likely The world will see the rise of China once again.

 An Opinion by Mr. Md. Jahir Uddin, Researcher & Team Leader, Iccheghuri Foundation, Dhaka

You Can Reach Him: [email protected]

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