COVID-19 is now a global threat to human health & well being. More than 200K people have been affected by COVID-19. Although the average death rate is less than 5%, Italy , Spain, France and Iran are now facing numbers of tragic deaths. China tackled the situation and no new infection detected since 3 days. 

Some South-Asian countries are yet to face such causalities from this life threatening disease.

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Bangladesh has seen a few reported infections till today. Bangladeshi migrants who have recently come back from other countries are found with CORONA Virus. A total 33 people infected with COVID-19. Four died with COVID-19 like symptoms.  (Ref: IEDCR Press Briefing). 

According to some other local news papers, it has been reported that suspected  Bangladeshis are under surveillance and observation due to having Symptoms. But, there are no confirmed cases among those suspected individuals so far. 

Government orders incoming passengers to remain in home quarantine if found normal. But this is prone to the risk of spreading into the community. Already Shibchar of Madaripur has been locked down. 

Everyone is know expressing his/her concern “As a Bangladeshi Civilian, i’m frightened. I panicked. What’s next? should i fight or make a flight?”

As there are a very few people have been affected so far, so, we together can stop this epidemic.

Wear mask whenever you go outside home and when you use Public Transport like airlines, bus, train, even UBER. Avoid public transport if possible. 

Don’t go outside home if not necessary.

Try to wash your hand immediately after touching Cash Money , Door knob, Handle of a Gate, or any common place or thing.

Use hand sanitizer. Toilet Soap can be a very available option for that

Don’t touch your Nose, Lips, Eyes, and Face. Wash your face with warm water whenever you come back from public places.

If you have Flu like symptoms, don’t panic. Consult with a doctor. Remember that not all flu are related to Corona Virus.

If you have breathing problem along with high fever and cough, then immediately go to a doctor.

To be a healthy civilian, please maintain a well balanced lifestyle and food habit. Lifestyle and Food habit can boost up immune system.

Try to take fresh fruits/vegetables rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidant.

Make your family members concerned about the precautions. Remember that “You alone can’t fight this disease”

Call Emergency Numbers given by IEDCR 01401184551, 01401184554, 01401184555, 01401184556, 01401184559, 01401184560, 01401184563, 01401184568, 01927711784, 01927711785, 01937000011, 01937110011

Call 16263 for to talk directly with a Doctor 

You don’t need to fight alone or fly away, be an active civilian and halt the spread. 


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