Even after knowing the past experiences and historical events, no country has taken proactive measures and guidelines to prevent a pandemic like Covid-19. The following opinion gives you the essence of this thought that “We don’t learn from the history”

Virus has no border and it attacks all over the world irrespective of caste, color, religion, country, sub-continent, continent, etc. At present, the whole world is fighting against the COVID-19, which was originated at Wuhan in China. At present, it has spread around 200+ countries of the world. This is a type of weapon; no one can see, hear or touch it until infected by it. It seems a war against humans without an explosion. No one can hear the sound of this war but can realize after being infected by it. We see the update of Covid-19 in news and social media and we feel like we are passing the grimmest time in our entire life so far. 

Historically the deadliest viral attack was Spanish flu (1918-1920); such heinous attack left the world in serious damage. Despite previous experience, all countries of the world were indifferent about a pandemic. Many scientists and global thinkers warned about pandemic. They did not take it seriously, as they make the statement true again, that “People do not learn From History”. After hundred years later, the world is seeing another deadliest attack of Virus named COVID-19. With the time, the virus is changing its nature, structure and types of infections.

Sometimes it becomes a tough job for the medical scientist or microbiologist to identify significant aspects of the virus. It has been said that the COVID-19 virus has changed its gene many times and the experts are working restlessly to identify its emergence. Let us discuss the existing arrangement of the world policymakers about the COVID-19. Are they ready to face a sudden pandemic like corona virus? The world policymakers have no time to think about this; they are busy in sick competition in  terms of military power, economics, commerce, games, entertainment, etc. It has been considered that every country tries to influence over other countries’ military power, economy, society, culture and other segments in any means.

All those sick competition taking the policymakers far away from thinking about the health of humans and more specifically about the health & sustainability of the world. Here, it is not stating that competition is bad, for the development, competition is necessary but sick competition leads the world to disaster. See, USA the most powerful country in the world, which is in the grave situation to face the worst hit of COVID-19. Most of the countries have imposed health emergency or state of emergency to face deadliest attack of COVID-19. The COVID-19 infected patients are increasing like geometrically and death is increasing day by day.

In Bangladesh, number of coronavirus infected people are increasing exponentially with the time and death rate also increasing. Shortages of medical service equipment to serve the patients are being faced by all countries. The whole worlds are disconnected and business, communication, entertainment, peoples gathering, plays have been stopped unexpectedly which is mandatory to get rid of this virus.  Ever, anyone thought about this ghostly world. Willingly or unwillingly, all people are at home to get rid of this and waiting to see its ends to take a fresh deep breath.

This pandemic may take many months or years to ends and definitely, it will bring a huge economic downturn for sure. The scenario of the whole world might change the landscape of business, economy, politics, etc. There is a question arise that after the ends of COVID-19; will the world’s policymakers invest more in the military, entertainment, politics or business than Health? If they do so, it is nothing to be surprised that people do not learn from history. On the other hand, if the world policymakers invest more in the health than military, entertainment, politics or business then we might explore a new world which we never experienced before.

We all already know about the diseases of COVID-19, how it spreads & its impacts on human civilization. So, I’m not going to discuss this part. Despite knowing the dangerous impact of the COVID-19 who is still arranging the party, religious gathering, political gathering, social gathering and other ceremony are responsible for spreading this nationally and internationally. To minimize the attack of COVID-19 it is mandatory staying at home. The experts are using different kinds of medicine to face COVID-19 patients though getting some success but not finalized yet. Most of the recent predication of the giant scholars seem in vain and nothing seems certain at this moment. Who knows what is going to happen in nearest future?

Let’s learn from the history…

This opinion is shared by Mr. Md. Jahir Uddin, Principal Investigator, Iccheguri Foundation, Dhaka.

You can reach him – [email protected]

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