In the past few years, the world has seen how international power was moving to the east from the west. Rise of China as a global economic super power and re-positioning of Russia as a global military super power are the main center of concern for US and its allies. Involving into Syrian War  worked as a trump card for Russia. This involvement made Russian existence in middle east stronger.

Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic seems to have a long lasting impact on international politics.

In the last 2 years, trade war was the main buzzword of US-CHINA relationship. China was having trade surplus while US was facing trade deficit generated by the bi-lateral trade. Donald Trump imposed extra tariff on many Chinese goods where in reply China also imposed extra tariff on US goods. After many dramatic stories, US-CHINA trade talk held with a conclusion to escalate the situation.

Instead of calling COVID-19, US president Donald Trump named it “Chinese Virus”. He repeatedly used these words and he was seen to blame China for the spread. He even questioned Chinese Transparency over the outbreak. China on the other hand pointed out that it’s not responsibility of China rather it’s the efficiency of the other countries to tackle the situation.

China lost reputation and image. China is now recovering (apparently) from the hit. China tends to rejuvenate its image by sending medical equipment & technology and sharing database and statistics to many countries. China sent out supplies to Italy and Spain and planned to send more medical equipment to other countries as well. 

Russia is also doing the same thing to show a positive gesture in the critical situation. Russia sends medical aid with military support to Italy. Russia announced to help other countries if they need. Russia is on the way to expand its sphere of influence by capitalizing on various ways & means.

China might be able to overcome the socio-economic difficulties soon.  China is the largest suppliers in the globe. COVID-19 Pandemic creates a supply-side shock in international trade and business. Many countries import raw materials and finished goods from China. This crisis will adversely affect the economy of the world. A new window opportunity will probably be waiting for China to strengthen its aggressive Belt and Road Initiative. More examples of Debt-Trap diplomacy will probably come out as the crisis will put economic pressure on many small countries. Many countries will have shortfall in growth and ask for aid and loans. China will not spare the opportunities.

Donald Trump is facing the most unfavorable situation ever in His regime. Around 10 million American Citizen lost their jobs due to COVID-19 Pandemic (Ref: Click Here). It has been estimated that more than 1,00,000 citizen would probably die in US. This estimation resulting in panic and agitation. Unexpectedly, the US has a shortage of Ventilator. Giant corporations like Ford, GM, 3MM are now making Ventilators and othe r assistive tools. Notably, Trump’s election manifesto was entirely based on economic welfare and protectionism. Now this situation challenged Trump administration form every context. 

At this moment, the US has taken one step back from global leadership role and it’s now emphasizing on resolving domestic crisis. Interestingly, even after North Korea fired ballistic missiles some days ago, the US didn’t react much.

Many experts assumed that Amidst COVID-19 outbreak a power vacuum might take place for a short run. But nobody knows what may happen tomorrow. This is not certain but China may lead the post COVID-19  economy some days later.

Unfavorably and unexpectedly Europe becomes the epicenter of COVID-19. Italy, Spain, France, and England are facing the most damaging impacts. EU countries will face major economic challenges ahead.

A new world order may come out in the Post COVID-19 world or probably US and its allies will take new strategy to resist Chinese influence.

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