Eid Mubarak!!

I can remember the last Eid-ul-fitr, i rushed for home to celebrate Eid with my family members in Moulvibazar (a north-eastern district of Bangladesh). There was a smile on my face. There was a rhythm in life. It was my first Eid after getting a full-time job. The quintessence was quite ecstatic and overwhelming. But this time, things are really unpleasant.

For a Muslim middle-class citizen, Eid is the biggest occasion for me to celebrate with my family. This time is it entirely a different situation. I and my beloved wife got stuck in my rented apartment in Dhaka. With so many people surrounded by us in other apartments and houses, we feel all alone among the crowd. Family matters a lot. There is no such wealth for a middle-class person than having a family; a family consists of parents, siblings, and cousins. We are whole hardheartedly missing the love and blessings of  our Parents. We are deeply missing long lasting “gossip time” with our loveliest siblings.

We realize that in this materialistic world nothing lasts. We are supposed to live and cherish every moment we have at our hands. Getting locked down for 65 days, we felt no point of living our life right now, survival is now what we are expecting for. 

Amma (Mom) cooks different food items for Eid. Cooking is also a part of our celebration. On Eid day, lunch and dinner with all family members brings eternal joy and happiness. The entire celebration strengthen our bond and re-energize our lives. Apart from this, We get invitations from cousins and close relatives to attend family lunch or dinner party. Such activities, multiplies our happiness.

Living in 21st century, family gathering is like a matter of excitement and entertainment in our clock-bound life. But, an undeniable fact is that family gathering is now a daydream amid this pandemic. 

To rejuvenate our inner strength, We are planing to cook some home-made recipes; we will watch popular movies and TV series on Netflix. For the sake of technology, we will have a virtual celebration of Eid with video calling. Thanks to them who invented this social mobile apps. 

The story is not only mine, it’s the story of millions out there. Let’s be patient for this time and let’s pray. Let’s embrace the life what it is supposed to be.

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