“Hola, ¿cómo estás?” Hello, how are you? I hope you are fine. Speaking in a different language is something very exciting. Many people express their interest to learn other languages. Unfortunately most of us don’t seem to have enough resources for learning a foreign language.

Spanish language is spoken by more than 400 million people. Spanish is very popular in more than 70 countries across the globe. Spanish is one of the official language of UN. Most of the countries of South and Central America speak Spanish as native language.

Learning Spanish is not that a herculean task but learning a language overnight is not effective. You can start today and learn slowly but surely.

7 Tips to learn Spanish language quickly and effectively…

  1. Start from Alphabet and Basic Grammar: At first try to understand the Spanish Alphabets. Spanish Alphabets are almost similar to English. So, it’s easier to recognize. Then you should start understanding basic Grammar of Spanish. Make note of each topic like Tense, Subjective Pronoun, Article, Preposition and WH Questions. You must learn the rules of Conjugations.
  2. Pile up your Vocabulary: You should learn 5-10 Vocabulary every day. Practice this Vocabulary using in sentences. Download English to Spanish Dictionary and Practice. SpanishDict is a very popular mobile app in this regard
  3. Mastering AR, ER, IR Verbs: Practice Spanish verbs ending with AR, ER, IR. You can download PDF files from the Internet and Practice every day.
  4. Installing Mobile Apps: Download and Install SpanishDict and DuoLingo Mobile apps to maintain consistent practice.
  5. Watch YouTube Videos: There are many Channels in YouTube where you can watch thousands of lessons with pronunciation and examples. YouTube learning is very effective.
  6. Fine tune your Listening and Pronunciation: Pronunciation of Spanish is easier than French or Deutsche. Don’t think about pronunciation at the beginning. Practice every day and record on your phone. Then take notes for improvements. Listen to Spanish music and watch movies or TV serials for enhancing listening skill. You can watch Narcos series and listen to Pablo Escobar. This TV Series will definitely amaze you. Thank me later…!
  7. Opt in a Spanish Course: There are many organizations which provide Spanish learning courses. There are even online courses you can explore. In Bangladesh, Institute of Modern Language, University of Dhaka offers Spanish Learning courses. You may visit Shield Language Academy Dhaka for learning Spanish Language. 

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