Do You Want to Feel the Life, Yearning, and Sufferings of the Ordinary People? Read “A Burning” by Megha Majumder, the Number 1 Bestseller in Terrorism Thriller of This Month- This Content Will Help You Decide.

The author wrote the book to make the readers aware in a noble way of how nationalism and corruption weaken the ordinary people at present whose ambition is to survive and to upgrade their status. The fiction begins with its protagonist Jivan, a young Muslim girl of India, who gives a Facebook post publicly vilifies the government. The cause of her doing so is burning a train near her house by the terrorists. She instantly gets accused of the crime by the police. Majumder perfectly writes the thriller from 3 points of view symbolized by her 3 main characters, from different sexes and aspiration. The second main character is Lovely, a lesbian trying to be a film star whose true testimony at court on behalf of Jivan will be disadvantageous to her film career. And the third main character is PT Sir, former gym teacher of Jivan now looking for a political position through a right-wing political party whose false witness against her at court will give him a veritable image to gain that position. The writer worked hard and dedicated a huge time to twist the three major characters with one another with complexity like ropes knotted in a bucket. If you read the novel to the end, you will come to know that they stuck to their principles all through the backdrop of the contemporary Indian approaches towards society, country, and religion. This is a dazzling debut of Megha Majumder which will once again take the public from android screens to the pages of the book “A Burning”.

Megha Majumder was born in Kolkata. She regularly watched important national and international news on TV with her father at the dinner table during her high school days, as well as joined in the conversation about the news. Later, she moved to America and studied Social Anthropology at Harvard University. She lives in New York City and has been working as an editor at Catapult, NY since 2015. She is a young lady author. She’s just been very popular with the publication of her first book “A Burning”. I’m a fan of her. You can reach her: [email protected].

I’m bringing in my favorite few lines from the excerpts of the beginning of the novel on the ground of the author’s permission to 

“And then, in the small, glowing screen, I wrote a foolish thing. I wrote a dangerous thing, a thing nobody like me should ever think, let alone write.

  Forgive me, Ma.

 If the police didn’t help ordinary people like you and me if the police watched them die, doesn’t that mean, I wrote on Facebook, that the government is also a terrorist?”

I will recommend this book because the writing proves the courage of the author’s voice against Hindu nationalism of India something like which is now also being seen in the US as well though through the racial injustice sparked by the killing of Afro-American George Floyd, age 47 on May 25 by white police during an arrest in Minneapolis amid the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic.

Ridiculously, my favorite character is Jivan, because she kept struggling alone till the end even by small steps like seeking journalist, and feeding guard with ghee-bred. I related myself with her spirit of freedom while reading the book.

The novel will especially entertain middle-class readers, young or old.

The above writing is NOT meant to hurt any religion, race, nation, community, or political party. It’s just a try to entertain the readers.

Disclaimer: The information concerning the topic has been taken from various sources online.

The writer studied English at Chittagong University and writes content from home. You can reach him: [email protected]

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