Bank job in Bangladesh is one of the prestigious jobs. From both social and monetary perspectives, bank job is now an attractive sector for employment in Bangladesh. Young people are joining in and contributing to the ongoing financial services to boost up the economy. Preparation for bank job in Bangladesh is not a herculean task. You can start taking your own preparation for bank job in Bangladesh. 

Why you should work in a Bank?

1. Financial Benefits: Most of the banks offer a very handsome amount of salary or wages. In some cases, many private banks provide highest salary in banking industry. Apart from the salary, there are other benefits like Provident Fund, Yearly Increment, Bonuses, Yearly Incentive, Insurance Benefits and many more. 

2. Loan Facility: The main benefit you can extract from a bank is loan facility for the employees. Employees of the banks can apply for a loan with a lower rate of Interest Rate than that of regular interest rate. You can have a Credit Card without any fees & charges. 

3. Skill Development: Banks arrange regular training programs for their staffs. This opportunity can help a person to be more skilled in his/her area of interest. Overseas training can also be availed. 

4. Career: Bank job can lead you to a Career. With a passion to grow, you can make your career as a banker. 

5. Side businesses: As you can get a loan easily, you may start a side business of your own. Small investment can help you in future. 

6. Networking: Bank job in Bangladesh is a window of opportunity to build professional network. You will come to meet a lot of people for your job. That’s the way you can build your own network. 

7. Discounts and Privileges: As a banker, you may have many privileges like exclusive discounts in many hospitals, hotels. airlines etc. At the time of getting a foreign Visa, a banker is a warmly welcomed person. 

Demerits: Sometimes you have to work beyond your set working hour. Bank job is stressful. Some people find it as a monotonous job. You have to work with papers, computers, data and calculators. Rigid working environment may increase your stress too. 

Tips for Preparation for Bank Job in Bangladesh

* Have Good Communication Skill both in Bengali and English. Basic fluency is necessary to overcome written exams. Try to study Grammar, Vocabulary, Essay, and Letter writing. Language Translation is also needed to studied. 

* Mathematics and Problem Solving: You must have a sound knowledge to solve mathematical problems.  Bank exams questions always emphasize on Mathematics. Topics for example, Interest, Work and Rate, Profit & Loss, Unitary System, Mixture, Speed and Motion related to Train/Boat, Percentage, Trigonometry, Algebra are very common in bank exam questions. Good score in mathematics helps you the most to overcome first step. 

* General Knowledge: Basic general knowledge is required to take your preparation well. 

* Computer and ICT: Basic knowledge in Computer specially in Hardware, Software, Network, Office Applications etc. can be tested. In some banks, there are practical tests. So, try practicing typing in MS Word and try learning MS Excel & Powerpoint. 

* Smartness and Etiquette: You must walk, talk, and dress smartly. Banks prefer smart people. Try to maintain professional etiquette in viva exam. Get well shaved and groomed before you go to viva board. Try to wear professional clothes.   

* Extracurricular Activities: Extracurricular and co-curricular activities add value to your CV. So, make sure you do some good activities during your university life. 

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