The Covid-19 is leading the world to an unrest conditions where everyone is trying to escape from the situation. However, the specialist team from WHO declared that, the virus won’t be removed from the world very soon. So, all of us should be careful about the attack from the virus. Those who are already affected by this virus should lead such a life, so that the others can be safe from this disease.

Several reports from different countries and organizations revealed that, some co-morbidities can increase the death risks from Covid-19. A study performed in UK showed that, people who are taking anticancer medications are in greater risks from Covid-19 than normal people. The study also showed that, giving anticancer medications to Covid-19 negative people didn’t increase the risks of other co-morbidities. (Lancet Magazine).

Another study of Chinese experts observed that, older aged patients are in higher risks from Covid-19. The study also showed that, men are at greater risk than women for death from Covid-19. In that study, the percentage of death of men from Covid-19 was 70.3% and that of women was 29.7%. In the conclusion of the study it was said that, though men & women have the same prevalence, men with the disease are at higher risks for death and other bad conditions. (Ref).

Risks from Covid-19 includes some diseases which are emerged along with the Covid-19 disease. A total of 78 studies including 12797 patients showed that Covid-19 is associated with gastrointestinal ailments. Among the patients, diarrheal patient was 12%, nausea patient was 9.0%, loss of appetite patient was 22.3% and that of abdominal pain was 6.2%. There are about 20% of patients who have gastrointestinal symptoms as a consequence of Covid-19 disease. (Science Direct).

To save the life of a Covid-19 patient, early detection of risk factors associated with the disease should be given the most priority. Only identification of the risk factors is not sufficient, but appropriate supportive care should be provided to the respective one. To provide necessary support, prompt access to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is also required.

A Feature by: Md. Monirul Islam

Pharmacist, University of Dhaka.

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