Coronavirus originating country China is possibly passing through another phase of the disease. Asian countries particularly Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan are likely to have a shock from the second wave of Coronavirus. Although these countries remarkably controlled the first shock from Coronavirus, yet many more to face. European countries are still facing the crisis with the grimmest consequences. Having the highest number of tragic deaths, USA is now on the top of the list. WHO is considering the fact that there will be second wave of COVID-19.

In this article, THE CIVIL INSIGHT explains the facts related to the possible Second Wave of Coronavirus in Bangladesh.

What about Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is probably facing the first wave of Coronavirus or may be the first phase is ending. The country may suffer the worst possible consequence from the possible second shock in near future. With a miserable and corrupted public healthcare system, Bangladesh has no control over the nationwide community transmission of Coronavirus. Even after announcing nationwide shutdown, the country seems to have a rapid spread. 

The main reasons for the failure is indifference and ignorance among the mass people and lack of proper & timely actions from the government. Ministry of Health failed to take proactive measures to stop initial transmission. Apart from this, Rumors & Superstition added insult to the injury.

The first infection was detected on March 8, 2020. The number of infection is 2456 till 18 April, 2020. The number of death is 91 which is truly concerning and worrisome.

Considering all the facts regarding the pandemic, Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina ordered all the organs of the state to remain vigilant and work together overcome this crisis and also announced a stimulus package to bolster the ongoing economic difficulties.

Is there any Chance for the Second Wave of Coronavirus in Bangladesh?

There is no true evidence found till now that Coronavirus can be completely removed from the world. Unfortunately there is no cure at all. The virus has complex nature of killing people. Not everyone dies from Coronavirus. On an average, 5% Cases are found to be severe and most of the patients with severe cases are found to have other complex health issues.

  • The country doesn’t have a robust Coronavirus testing facility. Daily testing capacity is very limited. At the very beginning of the transmission, many infected people left undetected as there was very limited facility to test Coronalike symptoms and figure out what it was actually.
  • Bangladesh has a population density of 1240 people per square (Reference: Click Here) Many people didn’t maintain social distancing after the first case found. A significant number of people left Dhaka in the last week of March. There was a huge gathering made by this event. This rush seems a threat for a second shock.
  • Non-resident Bangladeshis who came back from overseas countries were reluctant to maintain home quarantine and social distancing.
  • Even after deploying Police and other forces to ensure social distancing, numerous cases of massive public gathering held in Bangladesh.

Considering all the facts, we can say that there might be a possibility of a Second Wave of Coronavirus in Bangladesh. This is not certain or no prediction is made by any government organization yet.

It’s time to act responsibly. No matter what will happen in the future. 

What Bangladeshi Government should do?

  • Extend more and speedy testing facility at every District of Bangladesh
  • Make more quarantine camps and isolation centers
  • Identify Red Zones and impose complete lock-down.
  • Impose a complete & strict ban on public gathering and movement.
  • Use Predictive Modelling on the basis of Geographic spread of the disease
  • Provide separate resting and staying places for doctors and medical stuffs
  • Implement One Stop Treatment Unit for Coronavirus cases in each District.
  • Hire expert and specialists on disease control to form a National Crisis Control Committee.

How Bangladeshi people should act like?

  • Don’t go outside of home
  • Don’t hesitate to consult with a doctor if you have Coronalike symptoms (fever, cough, breathing problem)
  • Call national emergency numbers for suspected case
  • Separate older and senior family members from others
  • Use Soap to wash your both hands every hour or use hand sanitizer
  • Use Mask whenever you go outside on urgent basis
  • Make your family members aware of Coronavirus
  • Avoid all kinds of Public gathering
  • Assist Police and other forces to implement government initiative.
  • Don’t spread rumor

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