The year 2020 began with a good start. People were making a new year’s resolution and plans for the future. Somehow, things got out of hand during March. COVID-19, a pandemic of coronavirus disease took over most parts of the world. Lock-downs have been imposed worldwide. People have been advised to stay home except for necessity. In these times of distress and immobility, it is necessary to have a check on your mental health.

People dealing with mental stress and depression have been reported lately. We, the team of The Civil Insight feel the problems faced by people around us. So, we have come up with a list of websites and apps that might help to rejuvenate your mind and ease your tensions in this pandemic.


Discover, celebrate, create , innovate


A world-renowned media organization, TED Conferences LLC has been working from 1984. Their website is filled with informative videos on diverse subjects. One can discover subjects varying from social studies, philosophy, and literature to biological studies. Beautifully animated with a top-class animation team, their educational entertainment videos are a top recommendation to check. They have a Youtube channel. Videos are posted regularly on their platform. We also recommend checking their conference videos. Scientists, researchers, and well-known experts give talks on these conferences. With a tone of storytelling, complex and interesting topics are presented very interactively.


Browse, create and share your guides



This is an application and website that emphasizes on how-to guide videos. One can create guides, comment, rate, and share the guides as well. These how-to videos are productive and inspiring. Ideas are explained with well-crafted videos. Videos are ranging from food recipes to ‘how to lock your iPhone if your Power Button is broken”. One of the prime features of this Ios based app is its simplicity. It adds a smooth experience for user viewing. One can pass time leisurely and save the guides for future use. The app and website are handy for learning new things as well as getting rid of boredom.

An International question-and-answer website founded by Adam and Kelly



Quora is an international question-and-answer website. It can be said as a successor to early internet chat rooms and discussion forums. Created in June 2009, the website has been visited by 300 million unique people a month as of 2019. ( Source: VOX) Any user can ask a question and vie answers from other users. Most of the answers shared by the people have unique insights.

If a person feels like knowing about a topic more deeply and the latest updates on it, he can follow the ‘spaces’ section. The spaces section is unique. It has subjects from conspiracy theories, technological ideas, entrepreneurship, life lessons to Soviet stories. (I honestly am an avid reader of Soviet history and Khrushchev’s memoirs is my favorite).

Though Quora reviews are poor, it can be interesting if a user finds a topic of interest in this platform. Sometimes, things can be reviewed badly and still be worthy of checking. The problem with Quora lies within online bullying and privacy-related issues. Despite some drawbacks, this platform is vivid and interesting.

Neuro Nation


This is a product of Synaptikon GmbH. NeuroNation is basically a brain training app. The app offers over 60 cognitive exercises. These exercises are beneficial for the brain and help to make neural connections stronger. One of the notable features of NeuroNation is its efforts to increase memory. 40% of people aged 65 or older have been associated with memory impairment in the United States. NeuroNation helps people to reduce these effects by brain exercises. A person using this app may face less depression and anxiety than before. Cognitive speed and memory retention also improve with this app.

NeuroNation is also being used successfully in Alzheimer’s disease prevention. They are working with leading universities around the world.

This website aims to solve the world’s most pressing problems. The website carries out research to identify the careers that suitably solve the problems. Then they produce online content to tell people about these opportunities and how to enter them. The website shares key ideas series, podcasts, and career reviews. 1 million readers every year are on this platform.

If you ever want to focus on social impact, feel free to browse this site. In this era of a pandemic, we human beings feel how vulnerable we are to viruses, diseases, and inefficiencies. Had it been more people focusing on social challenges and impact, things would have turned out different. 80,000 hours was formed as a part-time project. in 2011, a team was formed and 80,0000 hours were established. This project aimed to provide fresh graduates with advice. Advice on how to have a higher impact on your career as well. 80000 hours = 40 years x 50 weeks x 40 hours.

We have a short time in our life. As we pass each day, a day gets deducted from our lives. If we could use these days more productively, we can feel a greater sense of purpose. It is not necessary to always be on the run and look for greater ambitions. Sometimes, having a coffee by the sofa and looking outside the window is also appreciative. However, these websites/apps were carefully selected for your benefit, calmness, and effectiveness. As the great George Mac Donald stated, “Certainly work is not always required of a man. There is such a thing as sacred idleness, the cultivation of which is now fearfully neglected.”

Author : Farhan Sadeed

You can reach him at [email protected]

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