2 Days ago Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Bangladesh introduced a generic of the drug “Remdesivir”, under the brand name “Bemsivir” to treat the Covid-19 patient. This is the first ever attempt in the entire world to make a generic drug for this highly infectious and dangerous disease. Directorate General of Drug Administration (DGDA) of Bangladesh granted authorization for emergency use of Bemsivir IV injection.

Let’s read the insight of the treatment for Covid-19 disease from a Pharmacist.

At present, the top order of the day is the disease caused by Corona virus or COVID-19 and finding its remedy. The whole world is running after this virus to discover a healing tool for the disease. However, it’s not so facile to restrain the virus and for this reason a several inferential treatment options have been applied to the patients.

At first we have to acknowledge that, a viral disease is significantly different from other diseases. The reason is behind the structure and life cycle of virus itself. A virus can be latent for thousand days without any help of a living organism. After getting a proper host, it can regenerate and seize the central control of cellular activity of the host. Another interesting and simultaneously dangerous thing is that, a virus can change its genetic formation and life style at any time depending upon the existing environment. So, a single medicine is not enough for killing or suppressing the growth and invasion of virus. As a result, different types of medicines are designed to fight against a single virus.

It is preferred to use vaccine instead of medicine for treating viral disease. Here, we should learn about the two terms- medicine (drug) and vaccine. In a simple word, medicine is taken when we got sick and vaccine is given when we are in risk to be sick. According to Food & Drug Administration (FDA), “Drugs are defined as articles intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease and as articles intended to affect the structure or any function of the body of man or animals.” On the other hand, vaccine is intended to prevent diseases.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defined vaccines as, “A vaccine helps the body’s immune system to recognize and fight pathogens like viruses or bacteria, which then keeps us safe from the diseases the cause.” So, vaccine is a substance that increase our body’s strength to fight against pathogens. Vaccine for Covid-19 is not yet made. We have seen some progress to make vaccine for Covid-19.

After affected by a virus or bacteria, our body’s special cells and components become activated and combat against the invader pathogen. If the pathogen get defeated we become healthy and not, then we become sick. The vaccine is nothing but an inactivated pathogen which has lost his power to produce disease. But the body treat the pathogen seriously and produce antibody against it. After that, when an active pathogen attack the person, the previously formed antibody helps to fight against the pathogen.

There are several medicines are used for treating the disease caused by COVID-19. For example, hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine are widely used in USA. But these two drugs were intended to be used for treating malaria. Though, malaria and Covid-19 diseases have some common symptoms, but the entire pathophysiology of the two diseases are completely different. So, it is not wise to use antimalarial drugs for Covid-19 disease. The cellular structure of malarial parasite and acellular structure of virus are also different. So, the mechanism by which the antimalarial drug act will not destroy the virus. For instance, hydroxychloroquine accumulates into lysosome of malarial parasite and inhibit the lysosomal enzymes’ activity. Whereas, a virus has no lysosome or similar organelles. So, how can an antimalarial drug treat a viral disease? 

‘Remdesivir’ showed proved activity on corona virus disease and gained emergency use authorization from the FDA. Vast research data and information should be accumulated on the effectiveness of the drug. Besides, other means of treatments like immunotherapy, psychological motivation, plasma therapy etc. should be adopted to treat the patients. Extensive research for creating vaccine for Covid-19 is crucially necessary. 

Finding treatment options for COVID-19 infection is a very crucial things for the world. We should go for vaccination process to prevent the disease. Finally, the best way for preventing the disease is to inhibit cross contamination from the diseased one.  We should keep practicing social distancing until the we find the best treatment for Covid-19.

The writer is a Pharmacist. He studied in the University of Dhaka.

You can reach him: [email protected]

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