Dark Mode in Whatsapp Web and Whatsapp Desktop?


WhatsApp seems to be working on offering users more options with dark mode, by adding different colour schemes on the Web version. Additionally, WhatsApp Web users might also have the ability to make voice and video calls in the future.

Earlier this year, WhatsApp for iOS and Android both got dark mode but the Web version of the platform is yet to receive the feature. Still, users can try out the dark mode on WhatsApp Web for themselves by enabling it with these steps, even though it is not rolled out, yet.

Whatsapp Web is an initiative to convert Whatsapp app into a web version. Whatsapp Web is now very popular whenever it’s needed to use a PC and make instant messaging using Whatsapp Service. Whatsapp Web is safe as it’s end-to-end encrypted. 

Any Whatsapp User can use the Whatsapp Web easily by putting valid credentials. Whatsapp Web made a tremendous appeal at the beginning of the service. 

While using a PC, You can download Whatsapp Desktop or you can use Whatsapp Web version.

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